Ministry – Live at Academy, Manchester – 29-May 2008

I’ve done a good job in recent years in catching up with a number of bands that I missed in my younger years, that became huge influences on the music that I listen to and the music that I play when DJing. And happily enough, all of them have lived up to their reputation – until now. Read more “Ministry – Live at Academy, Manchester – 29-May 2008”

Tuesday Ten: 038: Musical Heroes

This week's Tuesday Ten has been "in the works" for a few weeks, as after I had first conceived the idea it took me some time to complete the list. So what is it? It is the idea of my musical heroes. Obviously this is likely to be a contentious list: and those in it aren't always there just for their musical ability, or the fact that I like all their work (in many cases, I don't). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 038: Musical Heroes”

Pendulum – In Silico

Is it a cheap shot to blame the Prodigy for what Pendulum have become? Or maybe it isn’t. After all, although they were already rising stars in the drum’n’bass scene, it was their simply awesome reworking of Voodoo People that thrust them into the limelight, and since then their insistence on merging the ideals of rock and drum’n’bass (much like The Prodigy did when making a rock show from a dance band) has taken prominence over what made them so great in the first place. Read more “Pendulum – In Silico”

Tuesday Ten: 037: Tracks of the Month (April 2008)

Here is my usual run-down of ten tracks that I think are worthy of mention from the past month. Some might note a lack of “metal” in this list: mainly because there is little new stuff that I have heard that has inspired me to write about in any way. So, here goes. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 037: Tracks of the Month (April 2008)”