Tuesday Ten: 031: Gig Venues

A different TT this week, in that it is not exactly about the bands themselves (although they do come into this). Instead, it is my favourite live venues to go and see bands at. I’ve been going to see live bands for over thirteen years now, and I’ve lost count of how many I’ve actually seen, or at how many venues (the last time I even tried to count was back at the end of 1999, and by that point I’d already seen over 650 live bands. We are probably looking at two or three times that figure now). In that time I have been to many fantastic gigs, and many bad ones, too. There isn’t any set criteria for the best venues – there are memories attached to some, the best gigs I have ever seen at others, and others because they are simply great venues to see live music at. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 031: Gig Venues”

Tuesday Ten: 030: Tracks of the Month (January 2008)

So, the first monthly roundup of 2008 – and with there not having been an equivalent for December, this is perhaps covering a longer period than normal, meaning that tracks I would have liked to include have not made the cut to keep it at ten. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 030: Tracks of the Month (January 2008)”