But Listen: 066: ESA – How Pure Would Your Utopia Be?

It’s time, perhaps, to address the cliche of the “difficult second album”. Well, here is the perfect chance, really – the debut by ESA was so good that it is difficult not to be having memories of that in the back of one’s mind when reviewing the new one.

One similarity becomes immediately obvious – again there is a coherent theme. The idea this time addresses the utopian ideal, and what ideas, perhaps, the dark corners of your mind would dredge up to furnish your utopia, as not everything would be perfect and, indeed, pure, would it?

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Tuesday Ten: 029: All You Need Is Hate

A little bit of a change this week, with a slightly more abstract theme. It was probably the hardest list I have compiled yet, too: and other interpretations on the theme are welcome. So what is the theme? Hate. Hate comes in many different forms, and surprisingly it was a little harder than I was expecting to find ten songs about hatred… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 029: All You Need Is Hate”

Tuesday Ten: 027: Crossing Boundaries

For this week's Tuesday Ten, I'm looking at the idea of bands who have successfully brought together disparate genres into their sound. There are likely many more bands that have done this other than the ones I have come up with (it was a difficult list to create, frankly), and other suggestions are welcome.
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Tuesday Ten: 026: Top Played Artists of 2007

A slightly different Tuesday Ten this week – and it will be the last 2007 retrospective. So what is this one? Well, it needs some explanation. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 026: Top Played Artists of 2007”