Memory of a Festival: 004: Infest 2007

So where exactly to start? This year marks of course ten years of Infest, a festival that has changed in subtle ways over the years. This one was my eighth, and it was fun the other week unearthing all the memories of past events before I forgot them forever. And as always, this year brought about about more things I’ll be fondly remembering in the future. Read more “Memory of a Festival: 004: Infest 2007”

Tuesday Ten: 015: The Ghosts Of Infest Past

We are finally in the week preceding Infest, so it is perhaps only right for an Infest-based Tuesday Ten. Not just ten artists, though – this is something of a ramble of the good and the bad from my seven Infests so far – I haven’t mentioned all of the bands over that time, but I’ve made a good attempt at mentioning as many as possible. Other recollections or corrections, etc etc, would be cool… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 015: The Ghosts Of Infest Past”

But Listen: 061: Coreline – Exact Science Is Not An Exact Science

A year or so on from the well-received and heavily promoted release of debut Please Keep Moving Forward, we come to the latest release from Coreline. Over the course of the past year, something more of a live “show” has become the norm, with moments of great laughs and cardboard robots making for a rather more interesting live show than many noise artists. Has this made any difference to the recordings? Well, in some ways, yes.

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But Listen: 060: 16Volt – FullBlackHabit

Nine years is a long, long time in music. And incredibly, this is the time since the (first) release of the last album from Eric Powell’s now long-running “band”. Supercoolnothing arrived in 1998, and was re-released in 2002 with additional remixes, and other than a “Best-of” (covering just three albums) since, little else had been heard until the last year or so.

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But Listen: 059: The Young Gods РSuper Ready / Fragment̩

Over twenty years of making music, and it appears that TYG have no intentions of getting bored with their form of art yet. There really isn’t any point in trying to pigeonhole this band into a genre – they have crossed so many boundaries, used so many influences over their existence since 1985 (think Kurt Weill to Ministry via many points inbetween) that they are like one giant furnace of ideas.

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Tuesday Ten: 014: The DJ Emergency Kit

This week's TT is inspired by a number of things, but triggered mainly in the most recent-sense by Carl's question the other day, and what I have noticed as a DJ in the EBM/industrial scene. So what is the list about? Dancefloor fillers. Not just any old dancefloor fillers, but the ones that are truly guaranteed to stuff the dancefloor each and every time they are played – a kind of 'DJ Emergency Kit', if you will. So let's start with the really bloody obvious. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 014: The DJ Emergency Kit”