Tuesday Ten: 013: Tracks of the Month (July 2007)

My girlfriend reckons I have done this a week early, but I doing this now anyway. So, here are the ten tracks that I want to ramble about for the past month… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 013: Tracks of the Month (July 2007)”

Tuesday Ten: 012: tcf and Stormblast top fives

So, this week's Tuesday Ten. It's kinda ended up as a Tuesday Twenty, in fact. Let me explain…After the apparent controversy of a negative list last week, it's time for something rather more positive. So what did I settle on? Well, I recently passed three years of having tcf in Sheffield (at the same venue for all that time, too), so in celebration-ish, here are the top five played from each of tcf and Stormblast (although to clarify, these include every set ever recorded on my website, but the general pattern is the same). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 012: tcf and Stormblast top fives”

Tuesday Ten: 011: Bands I *really* dislike

A rather different Tuesday Ten this week – rather than things I like, it is bands I dislike. Intensely. And the reasons why. Feel free to argue with me, and tell me why you love the bands I hate, and why I am wrong, but you won't change my mind. I would be far more intrigued to know which bands you dislike/irritate/annoy the hell out of you, though. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 011: Bands I *really* dislike”

But Listen: 058: Dyspraxia – A Pound of Flesh

I’ve spent some time listening to the various odds and ends of Dyspraxia output over the past 18 months or so, and his work continues to fly off in all kinds of directions. Nowadays – on record at least – Dyspraxia is firmly in the realms of electronica, as opposed to live performances where the beats are very much more in evidence, and the live output often bears little relation to it’s recorded version.

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But Listen: 057: Paradise Lost – In Requiem

The tale of Paradise Lost’s career, in some respects, does not reflect well on their fans. After a few years and albums of steadily evolving their gothic/doom metal sound into the near perfection of Draconian Times, they then moved quickly into a more electronic realm – culminating with what was dubbed the “career suicide” of Host, where the band simply moved on, leaving behind most of their fans at this point who were expecting something more akin to previous, and incredibly found it so difficult to accept this so different new album.

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Tuesday Ten: 010: Cover Versions

I've probably done this before, but a long while back, and I'm pretty sure not as part of the TT. So, here are ten (more) cover versions worthy of attention of some sort. When done well, I love the idea of the cover version. They sometimes help to open your eyes to a song you may not have paid attention to before, or not even liked at all. They may also show that the artist attempting the cover has more depth, or even range, than before. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 010: Cover Versions”

Into the Pit: 045: Front Line Assembly – Live in Manchester – 07-July 2007

Last night, in the main, rocked. I got to see probably my favourite band of all for a second time within a year, I got to spend some time catching up with a whole load of people I haven’t seen an awful lot of recently, and the weather was even pretty good for the first time in weeks. No photos, though – I decided to have a night off from that. So anyway, the gig.

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Tuesday Ten: 009: Tracks of the Month (June 2007)

A new month, so it’s time for my usual rundown of 10 tracks that I think everyone else should hear. A real mix of genres this month, as well. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 009: Tracks of the Month (June 2007)”