Boris – Live at Corporation Sheffield – 29-June 2007

Last night saw me head to Corporation as planned to see Boris. I didn’t bother with the support bands, but Boris themselves were really worth the effort. Their output has shifted across countless styles over the years, but in the main we were treated to the more psychedelic, acid-fried rock from Pink, some of the seriously indulgent soloing from more recent Rainbow, and some very, very loud droning doom from their older releases. Read more “Boris – Live at Corporation Sheffield – 29-June 2007”

Tuesday Ten: 008: Forgotten Bands

This week I'm going to turn my attention once again to the recent past. To look at bands that for one reason or another are "forgotten", or have "dropped off the radar". Either they are now little more than a footnote in musical history, or they never got the recognition they deserved, or they used to be good and fans have since deserted them in droves. There are examples of all of these in this list – and as always, I would welcome additional suggestions… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 008: Forgotten Bands”

Grendel – Live at Corporation Sheffield – 23-June 2007

So while 177,000 people get drenched and covered in mud at some small festival down in the southwest, a number of us were at the Grendel gig at Corp last night. And let’s be honest, we probably came out just as drenched as the festival-goers – but with sweat. With pre-sales being a little sluggish, it was in the small room – and was stuffed (and sold-out in the end, too). Not exactly making for a pleasant environment, then… Read more “Grendel – Live at Corporation Sheffield – 23-June 2007”

Tuesday Ten: 007: Songs to Annoy Your Neighbours

This week's Tuesday Ten is inspired by our encounters with our rather noisy neighbours over the past twelve months, and indeed is also partly inspired today by my really shitty mood. They appear to be in the process of moving out, at long last, happily – or at least we haven't heard a peep from them since we got back from Paris.
Read more “Tuesday Ten: 007: Songs to Annoy Your Neighbours”