But Listen: 056: The Mirimar Disaster – The Mirimar Disaster

Here is a band that sound as if they come from about as far away from their base as is humanly possible. Rather than the clanking industrial history, the grey skies and steep hills of Sheffield, putting this CD on transports to you to areas like the deserts, and sunshine, perhaps, of California. The land that brought us the likes of Neurosis, Tool and Queens of The Stone Age – three bands whose influence looms large on this album.

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Tuesday Ten: 005: North American 90s Alternative

My prelidiction for music lists at the moment may be coming across all a bit High Fidelity, but it is in the main me rummaging through the boxes of musical history in my mind – that and I am finding it quite a lot of fun hunting through the archives of YouTube. In addition, of course, it is far easier being able to let you hear/see what I am talking about – I would rather not post mp3s here, and with Youtube being as good as it is for this nowadays, I don't have to.
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But Listen: 055: Grendel – Harsh Generation

A big hit for a previously less well-known band can sometimes be a blessing, or a curse. Grendel are one of those bands that have had this happen, with the dancefloor monster of Soilbleed eclipsing all their previous output to the point that unless you knew of the band before it, it is difficult to think of any other songs of theirs.

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But Listen: 054: 3ulogy – What You Don’t Want To Hear

It is now 13 months since I last touched upon recorded output from this band – the demo CD I reviewed then did get a release of sorts a little further down the line, with one track jettisoned and then the remainder shuffled into a new order. Read more “But Listen: 054: 3ulogy – What You Don’t Want To Hear”

But Listen: 053: Chimaira – Resurrection

It’s simply amazing how a leaving a record label and effectively starting afresh can revitalise a band. Chimaira’s new album is a perfect example of this – their well-publicised departure from Roadrunner and subsequent signing to Nuclear Blast has certainly brought about something of a desire to push themselves back to the front of the metal pack.

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But Listen: 050: Assemblage23 – Meta

I’ve been getting the distinct feeling of late that maybe the time had passed for bands like A23 and similar EBM/futurepop acts. This kind of music reached it’s peak (in terms of popularity, and maybe even in creativity) a few years back, even though the odd song still happily fills dancefloors. In it’s place has come a rather more aggressive sound from the likes of Combichrist, and even from Rotersand, which seems to have picked up the baton of popularity and run with it. Read more “But Listen: 050: Assemblage23 – Meta”

But Listen: 049: Modulate – Skullfuck

The release of this track as a single has been a long time coming. Skullfuck has now been slaying industrial club dancefloors for the best part of 18 months, and still shows no sign of stopping. So, I won’t say too much about it, as I’m sure you will have heard it. Suffice to say, hard beats, clever pacing – oh, and a cracking Full Metal Jacket sample make for one great song.

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