Tuesday Ten: 003: Remixes

For some reason the humble remix has popped up in both conversation and in my listening an awful lot recently. And, of course, it got me thinking the other day. What makes a good remix? Is it simply to provide yet more dancefloor fodder, or to make a song a hit, or to take a look at a song in a totally different way to before? Read more “Tuesday Ten: 003: Remixes”

Hypnoskull – Live at Club Phoenix, Manchester –

It was held in the slightly pokey – and rather claustrophobic – upstairs floor of Club Phoenix, and in the main the volume was probably set about three or four notches too high – in other words it was reasonably uncomfortable. There wasn't an awful lot other than the live acts and the odd snippets of conversation due to the high volume, but no worries – that was more than good enough. Read more “Hypnoskull – Live at Club Phoenix, Manchester –”

Tuesday Ten: 002: Music that Inspired

I'm not sure what got me thinking about this, it must have been listening to something when I got home last night. But in a quiet hour I started on a list of albums that inspired me, got me interested in something new, triggered something…hopefully you know what I mean. So here it is. I'd be really interested to know what inspired you, too… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 002: Music that Inspired”