Tuesday Ten: 001: Tracks of the Month (March 2007)

[Note: This is where my Tuesday Ten series started, almost exactly seven years ago. I’d done the occasional musical round-up prior to this, under the Tuesday Ten name, but this is where is became a regular series, and where the numbering of the posts started, too. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 001: Tracks of the Month (March 2007)”

Modulate – Live at tv21 Manchester – 18-March 2007

First on was Uberbyte, which is a very different proposition indeed from Rikky’s main band Killing Miranda. Hard industrial-electro in the vein of Suicide Commando and Le√ɬ¶therstrip, it all seemed to work rather well. Those tracks that I had heard before on various promo CDs were far more effective live (the beats, particularly, had far more power in the live environment), and it certainly made for an interesting half-hour. Final track Total War was the best of the set, and where it all came together. While the rest of the set was good, some of it seemed a bit rough ’round the edges, and perhaps in time these will be smoothed out. One to watch for the future, perhaps… Read more “Modulate – Live at tv21 Manchester – 18-March 2007”