But Listen: 043: Psyclon Nine – Crwn Thy Frnictr

I’ll come clean now: I was never a particular fan of older PN stuff. It always struck me as ‘spooky kids’ trying to be evil and scary, and instead looking all a bit silly. So it’s something of a surprise to hear this. It is the sound of a band transformed, into a world where everything is in shades of black, and an eerie malevolence exudes from every track.

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But Listen: 042: Skinny Puppy – Mythmaker

Skinny Puppy’s trimuphant return after a few years away three years back really was something special. OK, so The Greater Wrong of The Right wasn’t perfect, but it got better on repeated listens and the live show made the return all the sweeter – and perhaps more important still. Read more “But Listen: 042: Skinny Puppy – Mythmaker”