But Listen: 041: Prometheus Burning – Beyond Repair

As I have noted before in recent reviews, the industrial noise scene seems to be stretching it’s boundaries ever further, with influences from other scenes creating fascinating new hybrids. And such is the case here, with an album that both strengthens the case for the industrial noise genre as it is, and also tries things that are quite unexpected and, perhaps, welcome.

Let’s get one thing straight now, though – anyone looking for an “easy” listening experience would be best to look elsewhere. The whole album bristles with anger – no, rage – and hatred to an extent that I have heard in few albums recently. Perhaps the only artist in recent years that has come close to this level of intensity is Terrorfakt, but this is far more cerebral than that.

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But Listen: 040: Autoclav 1.1 – Visitor Attractions

Christ, nearly a year already since the first album? Things have advanced somewhat since then for Tony Young – the man behind Autoclav 1.1 – following a number of triumphant live performances, not least his appearance at Infest in August, the profile has been raised quite a bit, and so there has been yet more interest in how that proverbial difficult second album will fare.

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DJ: Guest: 019: Redshift – 13-January 2007

Redshift last night was an interesting experience. The turnout wasn’t bad – a good mix of leedsgoths and further afield, with a few “normals” mixed in that appeared to look somewhat uneasy. DJing was a little tough in trying to find a happy medium to please everyone, but at least with my set I think I got there in the end… Read more “DJ: Guest: 019: Redshift – 13-January 2007”

DJ: Resonance (Live): 004: 07-January 2007

I think following last night, we can declare resonance live something of a success. Thanks loads to all five bands and the various people who helped out, and of course the mighty Sarah Orange – you are all stars. Great to see everyone for the short times that I had chance to, too. Read more “DJ: Resonance (Live): 004: 07-January 2007”