Velvet Acid Christ – Lust For Blood

The more things change…the more things stay the same. Certainly that’s the feel that you get here, some three years since the last new album Hex-Angel (there has of course been a steady stream of compilations of older stuff in the meantime, so it is hardly as if we have had the chance to forget anything). Read more “Velvet Acid Christ – Lust For Blood”

Laibach – Volk

Nothing is ever all that simple with Laibach. Providing a somewhat…different spin on popular music and culture for many years now, it did appear back in 2003 upon the release of WAT that they had perhaps tired of this, and released what was on face value a disarmingly straight industrial album. It spawned one massive single (the ubiquitous Tanz Mit Laibach, their hat-tip to DAF) and it did appear that many people missed the political message that pervaded the album. Read more “Laibach – Volk”