But Listen: 039: Velvet Acid Christ – Lust For Blood

The more things change…the more things stay the same. Certainly that’s the feel that you get here, some three years since the last new album Hex-Angel (there has of course been a steady stream of compilations of older stuff in the meantime, so it is hardly as if we have had the chance to forget anything). Read more “But Listen: 039: Velvet Acid Christ – Lust For Blood”

But Listen: 038: Suicide Commando – Bind, Torture, Kill

Johan Van Roy has been at this music lark for some time now – nearly twenty years, in fact. And in all that time, he has written and released songs about the darker impulses of human nature, following a similar pattern that appears to have served him well and driven him to ever greater success. Last album Axis Of Evil was, all told, something of a triumph, with a little more flesh on the deathlike bones and featuring some of the best songs of his career. And, indeed, something of a widening of scope in the subject matter.

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But Listen: 037: Laibach – Volk

Nothing is ever all that simple with Laibach. Providing a somewhat…different spin on popular music and culture for many years now, it did appear back in 2003 upon the release of WAT that they had perhaps tired of this, and released what was on face value a disarmingly straight industrial album. It spawned one massive single (the ubiquitous Tanz Mit Laibach, their hat-tip to DAF) and it did appear that many people missed the political message that pervaded the album. Read more “But Listen: 037: Laibach – Volk”

But Listen: 036: Seabound – Double-Crosser

Of all the so-called ‘futurepop’ bands – which, lets be honest, was only ever the softer, more melodic end of the EBM spectrum – only Seabound over the past few years have been really that interesting. Rather than taking the usual route of dancefloor anthems that are all surface, and no feeling, with an illusion of emotion, they appear to be the real deal. The odd song from the first two albums was a dancefloor filler – Hooked and Poisonous Friend, of course – but there was always the feeling that the slower songs were always the strongest.

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But Listen: 035: Dismantled – Standard Issue

It’s amazing how things change. I’m all for bands evolving, and changing, and perhaps even maturing. It isn’t always all that popular with the fans, who may like the first album or whatever, and want them to continue in that vein. The creative process doesn’t always work like that, though, and some artists vanish into directions that we as the fans could never have forseen.

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DJ: Resonance: 002: 05-November 2006

Ok, so the second outing of Resonance was not particularly busy at all. Ho hum. Discussion through the evening suggested various reasons for this – many of which were some distance from our control. Anyway, thanks to those that did make it down. I should note, though – online support for a night will only get a night so far… Read more “DJ: Resonance: 002: 05-November 2006”