But Listen: 033: Dyspraxia – Session 9

A curious beast, this CD. It arrives – in promo format, anyway – in a clear slipcase, with the CD encased in a piece of sandpaper, with little in the way of information on it. Not that there is much to tell – the tracklisting is simply Parts 1 to 5 of Session 9, clearly hinting that the 24 minutes-plus running time is meant to be taken in one sitting.

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But Listen: 032: Cybercide – Adrenalin

A reasonably new band from northern England, this – although at least one of the band members has prior involvements in other bands, and from the packaging, and the slick design and sound of the whole CD, it is clear even to the casual listener that this is a band that know what they are doing. Read more “But Listen: 032: Cybercide – Adrenalin”

But Listen: 031: Terrorfakt – Teethgrinder

As I have noted before, there are many different strands to the noise scene these days. Among the most straightforward of them all is Terrorfakt. Last album Cold Steel World was notable for its sheer power, even if it was a little one-dimensional at times. However this takes it to another level entirely – that rare album that appears to dispense with subtleties, instead to rely on sheer brute force.

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But Listen: 030: Rabbit Junk – REframe

So where the hell to start? JP Anderson has been around a while. Firstly in the band The Shizit, who were Digital Hardcore but US-style. And fucking rocked. If you are aware of that band, it may not be entirely surprising to hear that Rabbit Junk is not all that far removed from them.

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But Listen: 029: ESA – Devotion, Discipline and Denial

Another week, another noise album – despite it appearing to be a reasonably small “scene” there does seem to be a real vitality across the breadth of the noise spectrum at the moment, with release after release trying something just that little different, although not all are entirely successful in meeting what they are trying to achieve.

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Into the Pit: 036: Agonoize – Live at Corporation Sheffield – 13-October 2006

It is never a good start for a gig when you get to the venue before the bands. But then, when their flight is delayed and they then have to get across the pennines, I guess it can’t be helped. Still, it was a little odd sitting through the soundchecks and an alternately deafening and silent venue, which made conversation interesting. When we did get to the bands, though, it was worth the wait.

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But Listen: 028: Terretron – Wither

Really, where the fuck did this come from? Beamed in apparently from the mid-nineties to the now, and still so fresh and current it stings. A one-man project from the North-Eastern US, seemingly it is also a one-man mision to bring all that was best about US industrial from a decade past to a whole new audience. Which makes it all the more odd that all the credits seem to point to someone who is well integrated into the noise scene over there – but with an album of this quality, there is hardly much to quibble over.

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DJ: Resonance: 001: 01-October 2006

Despite it not going quite as well as I might have liked, it was good fun and an encouraging start, although it would be nice to see more faces next month, hmm? Thanks to all that did come down, though – and also thanks to Keef Baker, whose DJ sets last night were really quite different and bloody good, too. Read more “DJ: Resonance: 001: 01-October 2006”

DJ: Guest: 016: thesubculture – 30-September 2006

As it happens, last night was far more fun than I had perhaps feared. Yes, both myself and Organica played some real cheese, but it was damned good fun playing to a different audience than the norm. Thanks to all that came down, and great to see a number of people that I have not seen in some time. The only blots on the night were some of the punters (including one ‘metaller’ proudly proclaiming that he had converted from being a ‘chav’, before going on to claim that he was heading to ‘paki-land, er, Bradford, tomorrow’. Perhaps he needs to be taught that tolerance of others is one of the hallmarks of the alternative scene, generally…), their slightly agressive requests at times, and then the fire alarm that cut the last twenty minutes – which could be seen as a blessing for some, as we had some real comedy stuff lined up! Read more “DJ: Guest: 016: thesubculture – 30-September 2006”