But Listen: 022: In Strict Confidence – Where Sun And Moon Unite

They’re back, and still evolving. Moving further along from the more darkwave feel of Holy, this “EP” (10 tracks, over 50 minutes!) is a taster for the forthcoming album Exile Paradise. And what a taste. The sound of this is fresher, more alive than before, and perhaps more straightforward sounding. The one criticism, perhaps, in the past is that the band have often been very self-indulgent – with immensely long albums, all kinds of strange filler tracks and then of course their thematic approach to each album, coupled with the stunning artwork – meaning that not everyone will make the time to fully appreciate this band’s uniqueness.

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But Listen: 021: Red20 – Citizen Stain

Right, I’ll own up now. I’ve never been a fan of concept albums. Although the album is loosely based around a story, it has many parallels in our current time. And with the recent releases of films about dark future worlds (Aeon Flux and V for Vendetta, of course…), it perhaps could not arrive at a better time. Read more “But Listen: 021: Red20 – Citizen Stain”

DJ: Guest: 011: Quarantine – 14-March 2006

it was a quick dash through the late evening onto Quarantine, where the turnout was pretty good, as it goes, for 3ulogy’s live appearance. What did surprise me first off was that the Hubs venue seems better suited to live bands than club nights – the cavernous rooms do nothing for club sound, as I have found in the past. Read more “DJ: Guest: 011: Quarantine – 14-March 2006”

DJ: Guest: 010: Malice in Wonderland – 06-March 2006

Malice In Wonderland at The Nelson last night was more than a little strange. A good turnout – with many different people from the norm – some real effort gone into by the organisers (I was only helping out by DJing!), and more than anything it was pretty good fun. With a slightly different emphasis music-wise than usual, I was able to have a little fun and play a few things I might not normally play nowadays, too… Read more “DJ: Guest: 010: Malice in Wonderland – 06-March 2006”

Into the Pit: 024: 65daysofstatic – Live at the Leadmill Sheffield – 03-March 2006

Through the ice and snow I got to the Leadmill by 1925, and was still there late enough to miss the start of The Mirimar Disaster‘s set. Which was a shame, as I really like this lot. Clearly influenced by many of the more ‘intelligent’ metal bands like Neurosis, Isis and perhaps even Tool, you are lucky to get five songs in a set. But oh, what songs. Ten Fifty and Scenario are both awesome, but are both trumped by Leave It All Behind, a stunning Cure-influenced track that winds it’s way to an astounding conclusion. Having spoken to Stocky afterward, the new album is due in “late summer”. It can’t come soon enough.

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