Into the Pit: 023: Goldfrapp – Live at the Octagon Sheffield 23-February 2006

I’ve not been to the Octagon in a long time – and like many other university “halls” that are used as larger gig venues, it is cavernous, soulless, and as a friend pointed out, the acoustics are really not good.

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But Listen: 020: Various Artists – Modern Destruction

I got this compilation sent to me by the guys from Cyanotic – it is a sampler, effectively, for their label Glitch Mode Recordings, 16 tracks of industrial, drum’n’bass and electro. Many of the tracks are mixed in together, but not in a way that hinders using them for DJing, and the variety on here makes for one hell of an interesting CD. There are some undisputed highlights on the CD, but I’ll run through the entire thing first. Read more “But Listen: 020: Various Artists – Modern Destruction”

DJ: Guest: 007: Quarantine – 21-February 2006

The night is a slightly odd one – a mix of rocksoc people, other students and indie kids – so I got the chance to play a few things I have not played in a long time! The attendence is still probably below what is needed, but better than I have seen. Now the flyers are finally available (I have some, I’ll make sure they are out and about in the next few days), hopefully numbers will increase. Read more “DJ: Guest: 007: Quarantine – 21-February 2006”

But Listen: 019: Modulate – Dystopia

The noisier end of the Industrial scene seems to have taken two different routes of late. Either to head further and further into the avant-garde, or to head straight back to the dancefloor in an avalanche of beats and samples to give those who like their industrial rather heavier than EBM something to dance to. The most successful proponent of the latter recently has, of course, been Combichrist, and with good reason – they have beats, samples, hooks and most of all are fun – making you want to get wasted and dance your fucking head off.

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But Listen: 016: Coreline – The Organized Sound EP

This act – the work of Chris McCall – one of many of friends of mine that are really delivering the goods of late with some top-quality industrial music. This new EP is frankly fucking fantastic – track of note being the quite sublime title track Organized Sound.

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