Into the Pit: 011: Mortiis – Live at Corporation Sheffield – 23-April 2005

As was to be expected, this was something of an odd night gig-wise. Four bands on, due to one reason or another first (local-ish) band The Nothing didn’t appear, so it was left to Panic DHH to open proceedings. And did they.

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But Listen: 014: Systemyk – The Victim

Anytime I get given a [demo] CD with a “produced by [famous name]” I’m gonna at least take a look. As in this case, with “Produced by Gregor Mackintosh [Paradise Lost]” on the front. Granted, I had seen them live first. The famous connection will certainly do them no harm. Musicwise, they do bear some resemblance to PL, yes.

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But Listen: 013: Gothminister – Empire of Dark Salvation

I viewed Gothminister with something of suspicion first time around. Surely it was all tongue-in-cheek, right? The more I listened, the less it seemed to be. But then, with an album called Gothic Electronic Anthems – and to actually have an album stuffed full of them – made such points moot.

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But Listen: 012: Interlock – Crisis//Reinvention

It’s been a while coming, this album. And it has certainly been worth the wait. After being voted “Best Unsigned Band” for 2004 by the readers of Terrorizer, they have been snapped up pretty quickly by Anticulture Records. Gone is the slightly flat and muddy sound of much of the earlier tracks, this album screams life. A riff, an ever tightening electronic howl, an elephantine beat, and Skinless rips things wide open from the off. It gets better – vocalists Hal and Emmeline May trade lines and even words, staccato blastbeats underpin the track, which opens up into huge chorus. Not quite stadium sing-along…yet, but give it time.

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