But Listen: 011: Nekrodrako – Vitriol

I’ve always had something of a love-hate relationship with the idea of the side-project. Sometimes they are just a lazy attempt to get more attention to the “parent” band (it is not normally difficult to tell this: often any mention of the “new” band will show “x from y’s new project”, or something like), but the more interesting ones are the ones where some new music genuinely doesn’t fit with the modus operandi of the “parent”.

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Into the Pit: 010: Queen Adreena – Live at Rock City Nottingham – 17-March 2005

It was somewhat surprising to recall, on the way to Nottingham, that it is nearly five years since I first (and last) saw Queen Adreena live, at the ill-fated Lost Weekend back in July 2000. Back then, they had not long since emerged from the long-dead ashes of Daisy Chainsaw, with one album (Taxidermy) only just released. And they were an entrancing, if unsettling, live band back then.

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But Listen: 010: Red20 – The Red Album

So yes, we have been trailing it for ages. Yes, I have played various versions of some of the tracks over the past few months. But listening to the album as a whole, it has some kind of visceral thrill to it. The big thing to note to start with, is how the band has evolved. Everything just sounds more…assured. Sure, they wear their influences proudly on their sleeves, but they manage to co-opt it into a sound that is all their own. Read more “But Listen: 010: Red20 – The Red Album”