2004 in review: Best Albums

It’s kinda scary really. I have been reading other’s lists for albums of the year, and trying to think what mine are. And I can barely think of any. Has this year been a bad year for music, or is it just that I have been distracted by things for much of the year and have missed some of the better releases? Ho hum. Anyway…the best that I can think of from me for this year. Read more “2004 in review: Best Albums”

Rammstein – Live at T-Mobile Arena Prague – 03-December 2004

Getting to the gig was no real problem – outside our hotel ran three tram routes – and amazingly enough, one route ran direct to the T-Mobile Arena! The venue is huge – the national ice hockey arena, no less – so by the time we got there most of the 10,000 people were already in there. Support act Exilia (Italian metal, kinda a cross between Tarrie B/My Ruin, Luxt and the Guano Apes in my book) were actually a lot better than they are on record, and seemed to be pretty well known there going on the reaction from the crowd.

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