Click Click: 003: LOCKS: 30-May 2018

This has been, and will continue to be, a very busy week. This was the third gig in as many days – a disappointing Ho99o9 show on Sunday night, that was so unengaging I left twenty minutes into their set, and then a much better Author & Punisher/Trepaneringsritualen show on Monday that left my teeth […]

But Listen: 154: KMFDM – HELL YEAH

Thirty-three years, twenty albums, countless singles, a few live albums, various re-issues. Various record labels (most notably associated with WaxTrax! and then later Metropolis (North America) and Dependent (Europe)). And, broadly, one instantly recognisable sound, the Ultra Heavy Beat that blusters in on industrial beats and rock guitars, but somehow sounds like no-one else.