DJ: Guest: Resistanz Festival: 19-April 2014

My third year attending Resistanz (I missed the first due to family commitments), and my first DJ set there (and my first time DJing in Sheffield in five years or so). I was DJing in the “trad” (read: old-school) industrial room on the Saturday night with Gadge Europa and Grenadier181. Thanks to everyone who came by to dance and support us. Read more “DJ: Guest: Resistanz Festival: 19-April 2014”

DJ: Guest: Festival Kinetik 4.0 Montreal – 23-May 2011

I was utterly bowled over to be invited to DJ at Festival Kinetik 4.0 in Montreal, Canada. I was going as a punter anyway – and it was a crazy week and some out there, topped off by DJing on the final night. My plan to return to Kinetik at some point never happened, with it’s demise, but I’ve moved onto other North American festivals in it’s place. Read more “DJ: Guest: Festival Kinetik 4.0 Montreal – 23-May 2011”

DJ: Guest: 026: SyN – 30-August 2008

A third set at Corporation, where I was joining L8N to DJ in the SyN room for the night. Turnout wasn’t great – although being the weekend after Infest and Reading/Leeds, it never really was going to be – but it was good fun to DJ to who was there – and the reaction I got from many made it all worthwhile. Thanks to everyone who made it down… Read more “DJ: Guest: 026: SyN – 30-August 2008”