DJ: Resonance: 010: 16-June 2007

The last of the short-lived Resonance night. While the two live events were a success, the night itself never paid for itself, and indeed it was made moot by the closure of thesubculture later that year.

We did, however, have an incredible poster done for us by Doctor Geof, and it was eventually turned into a GIF, which can be seen here. Read more “DJ: Resonance: 010: 16-June 2007”

DJ: Resonance (Live): 009: 08-May 2007

Monday meant the second instalment of Resonance Live. For a gig that in hindsight perhaps was somewhat under-promoted, and at the tail-end of two hefty festival weekens (not to mention on a Monday night), the turnout was perhaps better than I was expecting. Still, a shame that a number of people left before CDatakill hit the stage at about 2300, as he was fucking fantastic. His set included furious breakbeats and snarling noise, comedy interludes, a dedication to Sue and her fractured collarbone, drunken chaos and loss of clothes… Read more “DJ: Resonance (Live): 009: 08-May 2007”

DJ: Resonance: 008: 21-April 2007

Resonance last night wasn’t too bad. Numbers could again be better, but it was up on last month, and with the flyers now everywhere online and across Leeds, I’d think that next month should certainly be better. Don’t forget also the second instalment of Resonance Live on 07-May. Anyway, thanks to all that came down. Read more “DJ: Resonance: 008: 21-April 2007”

DJ: Resonance (Live): 004: 07-January 2007

I think following last night, we can declare resonance live something of a success. Thanks loads to all five bands and the various people who helped out, and of course the mighty Sarah Orange – you are all stars. Great to see everyone for the short times that I had chance to, too. Read more “DJ: Resonance (Live): 004: 07-January 2007”

DJ: Resonance: 002: 05-November 2006

Ok, so the second outing of Resonance was not particularly busy at all. Ho hum. Discussion through the evening suggested various reasons for this – many of which were some distance from our control. Anyway, thanks to those that did make it down. I should note, though – online support for a night will only get a night so far… Read more “DJ: Resonance: 002: 05-November 2006”

DJ: Resonance: 001: 01-October 2006

Despite it not going quite as well as I might have liked, it was good fun and an encouraging start, although it would be nice to see more faces next month, hmm? Thanks to all that did come down, though – and also thanks to Keef Baker, whose DJ sets last night were really quite different and bloody good, too. Read more “DJ: Resonance: 001: 01-October 2006”