Countdown: 2012: Gigs

This year has been a bit of a crazy year for gig-going, even by my standards. I saw 140 different bands, only 10 of them more than once, at 53 shows, three of which were multi-day festivals. At 36 different venues, in three different countries this time (UK, well, England, Belgium and Czech Republic). Read more “Countdown: 2012: Gigs”

Countdown: 2012: Albums

As I noted last week, 2012 really was a good year for music, as far as I was concerned, including a number of new discoveries. Read more “Countdown: 2012: Albums”

Countdown: 2012: Tracks

Yet again, this list was a tough one. 2012 actually ended up being an impressive year for new music, as far as I was concerned, it just didn’t all come from the corners that I was expecting. Read more “Countdown: 2012: Tracks”