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Tuesday Ten: 239: Tracks of the Month (August 2015)

Even with Infest taking up much of my time in the past few days, I've still been able to get ten more tracks written up.

Infest 2015 - University of Bradford - 28/29/30-August 2015

Christ almighty, this year has passed really fucking quickly - we're already heading back into autumn, which means I've enjoyed my fifteenth Infest. While perhaps not a lineup with too many "marquee" names this year, it was certainly one that had some treasures in it, and away from the bands was one of the maddest and most fun Infests in some years - a festival revitalised.

Tuesday Ten: 238: Dead on "TV"

This week, time for a Tuesday Ten I've been thinking about and working on, gradually, for a few months. I was set a challenge, you see: to come up with a Tuesday Ten where deaths occur "on camera" (i.e. are described or happen in the songs). However, I could not rely on some of the usual suspects - particularly Cave, Cash and Dylan. Some interesting suggestions were originally made, I thought of a few more, and then opened it up to my readers for some other ideas, and the result is the ten below.

Cocksure - 2015 Interview

Another interview this week - all coming at once, eh? This time, with a project from two veterans of the industrial scene, who burst out last year to great acclaim, and return very soon with a second album.

Riotmiloo - 2015 Interview

The latest interview on amodelofcontrol.com takes things in a different direction. Where industrial electronics meets world events, and musical ideas are shared.


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