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1980s: The amodelofcontrol.com Top Tracks of the Decade: 20-01

The final part of a run-down that has taken me two years and more to complete. So let us waste no more time, on with the top twenty...

1980s: The amodelofcontrol.com Top Tracks of the Decade: 40-21

Further to earlier, work continues on getting this 1980s rundown completed in short order - so here's part four.

1980s: The amodelofcontrol.com Top Tracks of the Decade: 60-41

I actually started this 80s rundown a couple of years back, but life and other things have rather got in the way. So, a little bit of spare time has allowed me to get this finished. Without further ado, then, let's get on with it.

Tuesday Ten: 211: Tracks of the Month (August 2014)

As we start to inch out of summer and into autumn, suddenly the release schedules are starting to fill up quickly, with tons of new music worth checking out starting to appear as a result. So, here is the first fruits of the musical harvest coming our way.

Infest 2014 - University of Bradford - 22/23/24-August 2014

A sign I'm clearly getting old - this was my fourteenth Infest. God, time flies. This year was perhaps a bit special for a number of reasons, though, at least partly down to the fact that this edition very nearly didn't happen, and in the event it is a damned good thing that it did happen, as this summer would have been a hell of a dead zone both musically and socially in our corner of the music world.


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