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Tuesday Ten: 212: Chicago

As some of my friends may be sick of hearing, Daisy and I head off to Chicago tomorrow to see friends and to go to Cold Waves 3. So, I thought an appropriate Tuesday Ten to be in order, particularly as Chicago is such a musical town.

Prude - The Dark Age of Consent

Talk about building anticipation. Jared Louche's new project Prude - and this album - has been coming for a long, long time. How long? Well, darkroom was on a Glitch Mode compilation back in 2008, and that track appears here. Ok, so the project seemed to have been on hiatus for a while, until last year, anyway, when a handful of tracks started to appear online that suggested there was to this project than first met the eye.

1980s: The amodelofcontrol.com Top Tracks of the Decade: 20-01

The final part of a run-down that has taken me two years and more to complete. So let us waste no more time, on with the top twenty...

1980s: The amodelofcontrol.com Top Tracks of the Decade: 40-21

Further to earlier, work continues on getting this 1980s rundown completed in short order - so here's part four.

1980s: The amodelofcontrol.com Top Tracks of the Decade: 60-41

I actually started this 80s rundown a couple of years back, but life and other things have rather got in the way. So, a little bit of spare time has allowed me to get this finished. Without further ado, then, let's get on with it.


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