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Tuesday Ten: 263: Tracks of the Month (June 1996)

Part five of my monthly rundown, across this year, of tracks from 1996 that broadly, I still love now.

NOIR - 2016 Interview

For the latest interview on amodelofcontrol.com, Athan Maroulis - nowadays performing under the NOIR name - kindly gave up his time to discuss his current project and his musical past.

I've been following work by Maroulis since his time in the long-underrated band Spahn Ranch, so I was curious to know more. All photos were supplied courtesy of Athan Maroulis.

Tuesday Ten: 262: A Place Called England

Watching Frank Turner perform all of his (exceptional) album England Keep My Bones the other week - with a packed, young crowd bellow along to every word - got me thinking. Who else is actually writing songs about being proud to be English (or in some cases, British?)? Was there anyone else?

Tuesday Ten: 261: Tracks of the Month (May 2016)

Nearly half way through the year, and the great new music keeps coming thick and fast.

Tuesday Ten: 260: Tracks of the Month (May 1996)

Part four of my monthly rundown this year of tracks from 1996 that broadly, I still love now.


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